Severina AV build



Today is a special sort of post… I’ve revamped a character of mine and pieced together a new avatar.  Going through the details will be fun.   The shape is one I made myself, not shown in photos is that it is a -very- small shape.  I call her ‘travel size’. The skin is  from .:Soul:. and I have mixed reactions over some things.  Their price point is a bit higher but I had to have the skin once I demoed it.  They -also- have special edition collections that are amazing creations.

The rest of the look includes: LD Krampus tongue (purple), catway head (dyana), Doe Emerson hair, Swallow Gauged ears, DM Shaddaa dancer silks, and Fae Wings (bento).


Fresh Start


Recently, I had the bad luck of having my account hacked.  A lot was lost and lots of recovery of things yet to come.  But until then I’m keeping at what I enjoy doing. Shopping and Rping!  I rebuilt my AV and started to slowly build my collections back up.  Okay, not slowly but I have a long way to go.  For today’s post I went with some more of my dark/morbid humor. My character dancing on one of the slabs in the basement (where bodies get processed).  This happened after a ‘little’ shopping trip.  Trip started at Vista Animations! I needed to get some dances in (for work) and stopped there. They made it a hard choice to just pick out a few. Next I hit up Suicide Dollz.  {CP}’s Azra exclusive dress was a steal! Love it. Goes very well with G.ID’s Circus tattoo. The MP has been my saving grace for rebuilding my Doe Hair collection (still majorly addicted to Doe). Doe’s Lesli tops off the look and rounds out the photo nicely.

Happy Kitsune


Went back for another round at the gacha garden.  So thrilled that I did so.  I found {Catty-fox} gacha.  My character is ‘officially’ a three tail kitsune so I scooped up 3 tails and fitted them nicely.  These were the cream, lilac, and reddish tails.  The boots I went back for are from [The Forge].  I’ve been a fan of the forge for a long time now.  Everything I’ve gotten from them I’ve adored.  The hair is from Doe(April), another long term favorite that I collect and can’t get enough of.

Morning Mist



Some Delightful treats from [n.i] and [ zerkalo ].  It’s the detail work they put into these items that makes me thrilled to sit around my table and get some work done, while snacking even!  Being a coffee girl, my favorite has to be the french press.  Blueberry and Doe have taken over my shopping habits. When I first got my mesh body, Maitreya, I’d pour over the MP store of blueberry for outfits.  They’re still my go to in a pinch.