By now most are ready for spring to arrive.  Some even counting down the days.  I took a few moments to get into the spirit of winter…since it’s here and not going anywhere anytime soon.  !gO! frostina’s dress is featured here with olive’s cosmic dust hair and dM’s Dunerr winter horns.  A festive way to keep spirits up in the dead of winter.



Desert Gacha Girl


Mixing and matching for today’s photo.  My take on a Desert Gacha Girl.  I started RPing on a new sim with a different theme than my normal haunt.  Gacha’s to the recuse.  Started with FFD’s Leeka corset that I picked up on the MP.  I paired that up with Kaithleen’s Silks, sheer black bottom.  With .Olive.’s The baby hair (reds).   On this theme I’m playing a character that is a bit more reserved and peaceful than her counter part on the other sim.