Purple & Green


Went shopping today and snagged Razor’s Vacancy Hooded Jacket and DE Designs’ Arya Capri in purple.  I’m going through this green/purple color phase where I can’t get enough of the two together.  Mizuki’s tails are green and purple, along with her hair.  Was only fitting to get together an outfit to match.  The shoes are from Bens Boutique, Gamze Platform.



Nightly Walks


I’ve gotten lots of miles out of .:AS:.’s Rose tattoo, from Fantasy Fair.   I never really played Tattoo Gachas, but this one swayed me and I have the feeling I’ll be considering playing them more often.  I always wear tattoos.  Spent 4 plus months looking for a replacement for my original tattoo.  The hunt is still on but it’s more fun now with the gacha door opened.  Mizuki back in her home city of CoLA doing her nightly walk around.  Razor/// outfit I had acquired from 100block is tonight’s choice.





Some of my favorite home decor items comes from !APHORIMS! .  It’s a simple elegance and thoughtfulness that they bring to their items.  It is a charm that I didn’t expect would captivate me so deeply.  I was still in my stage of learning to enjoy home decor items when I acquired this sign.  It grew on me rapidly.  I’ve had friends over who thoroughly enjoy the vibe they get in the room it’s proudly displayed.  I’m wearing a Razor corset picked up from The Dark Style Fair 3.  It was a blast shopping there and the items I did walk away with I’m very excited to use in my role play and photo shoots.