Down Time


New favorite lounging spot: DRD sofa.  After hours of RP it’s good to come home and sit round, cleaning role play logs or taking photos.  Usually both.  Went about sorting an outfit around .aisling.’s silver Zoa Dress.  The detail on it is what sets it apart.  Lace and chains up the sides with the smoothness of the rest of the dress give it a nice balance.



A Touch of Magic


Setting up my IC home the other day and paused to check out Mizuki from one of my favorite angles.  Not just because her bottom is in the photo. More because I like the sensation of the image when the face is turned to the side or away.  There’s a bit of mystery and unknown that is created.  As for her home it’s made up of Arcade gachas! Best kind of home.  DRD’s Lovers nest cottage set up with Dust bunny’s wanderlust collection.  Since Mizuki is a mage I had to lay out some tarot cards from Reverie. For fun I also added the packaging that held spellbound’s items, was a nifty packaging from them.