Trip to Hazard



Took a trip to Hazard sim and wondered around until I found this charming studio.  Stopped to snap a few photos for myself.  Wearing CD Jinx (Scarlette). Empire’s  holly 3 strap and Doe hair pair up to finish this look off.




Keeping Warm



For some, the end of winter is in sight.  There is hope.  Maybe every so often there’s a warm day to enjoy. But then it never fails for winter to remind us all that it’s still a force.  Old man winter hasn’t gone to bed just yet.  So I’m keeping warm in Entice forever more (brown) outfit.  With Empire’s Aquilegia boots because… love empire.




It’s that wonderful time… to highlight Empire!! Yes they are an addiction of mine.  I see them at events and my first thought is: Must Have!!! Must have all… must collect.  The spider harness paired with Blarkini is a fun mix.  The color change hud makes all the difference and a major reason I love empire. Can match almost anything.  Clover heels to finish it off and I’m an empire girl!


New And Old



It’s a fun time of mix and match until came to create this outfit for my  character Rain.  A long list of goodness going on.  From Memento Mori event I picked up Doe hair: Christine.  Tetra’s Hight Asymmetric Draped skirt in olive paired nicely with Epire’s Gaura’s slick boots. Azuchi+Vinyl’s corset tightens up the look and Meva’s Fringes scarf makes another appearance… My last ditch effort to go about having a top for my character who would rather be naked but is trying to fit in her reality:  A world that has more blizzard days than not.  Her trusty Trident’s scribe belt resting on her hips.



Sleepy Posting


Whore Couture and The arcade, both open now, are what I’ve hit up this week.  For my first time going to WC, it was lovely.  The opening lagtastic time was worth it to get my hands on things from Empire.  In the photo today is Empire’s Honey Harness.  Matched up lovely with their Azalea boots.  Clawtooth’s bedroom eyes’ hair lays just right for the look.

Back to Basics


In character, one needs to just look for the most interesting sorts of perches and they’ll find Mizuki.  Something about being up high makes this short one feel a bit more ‘safe’.  Might also be the Empire shoe’s she rocks most of the time.  Her ‘outfit’, [:TRC:] Blades of Animus and =Zenith=’s Medic first aid bag,  forms the foundation of all her looks.  Today she just happened to be taking it back to ‘basics’.