Ocean Blues


Putting some hours in at work, sometimes I’m not as lazy as other times.  I work with the best pretty girls on second life at babygirls.  Today silks were picked out and got a light airy feel going on.  Kaithleen’s silk and chains mixed with :Deadpool: Kahlani crow feet jewelry work well together while working a pole.  LCKY’s Lilith Ocean pack top off the look off.



Desert Gacha Girl


Mixing and matching for today’s photo.  My take on a Desert Gacha Girl.  I started RPing on a new sim with a different theme than my normal haunt.  Gacha’s to the recuse.  Started with FFD’s Leeka corset that I picked up on the MP.  I paired that up with Kaithleen’s Silks, sheer black bottom.  With .Olive.’s The baby hair (reds).   On this theme I’m playing a character that is a bit more reserved and peaceful than her counter part on the other sim.