The End

I figured I would end this all on a high note… This set of images I wasn’t sure about at first. They were nice to start with but then I started to work on them and uncovered a pretty in them I didn’t expect.  The colors are some of my favorites. The expression and details are what gets me my enjoyment out of looking at them.


It’s been a year at this fun.  In the near future am intending on moving on in my life. Away from SL and more into the RL.  I’ve made great friends and I can’t thank every one of them enough. Have a happy any life. It’s all about the fun and pleasure we can get out of life.



Hidden behind smiles

There are lots of things we hide behind smiles… This is sorta what struck me as I was editing these photos.  I think my AV is hiding something behind her smile… A sadness.  It’s sorta sweet I think.  Like she can pull off hiding behind a smile better than I can.


Death of you

Another We ❤ RP outfit that I tossed together. This time stripping it down to bare bones and mixing it up slightly.  I’m not logging in on my account these days else I might have more details going on… But I’m also wrapping this blog up soon.  I do enjoy this look for when I went out dancing with friends.



Get Haunted


Time to be haunted… It’s always a good time to be haunted around CoLA.  Spellbound’s Lionhearted hair was so calling to me… twice! Two of my accounts prancing around in it.  I’m a huge fan of their color choices as well as over all hair. Lots of good styles and choices.  Reign’s Kendal heels are another twice bought item… and worn around a lot more frequently.  UC Maven dress in peach got me to wear a pink shade… which is a nice change up from my usual black.


Birthday Special

A special blog post today to celebrate my birthday.  I have so many skilled and talented friends on Second Life… that it makes me humbled as well as better at what I love doing.  A series of photos done up by myself and a friend, Skor.  He’s super awesome to RP with AND photos! Win. Win.

I don’t usually show off ‘raw’ photos.  Except today! Brief description: EMO-tions hair (sun) was a must have when I seen it.  Another friend was kind enough to gift me it. Moving along.

This beautiful Edit is Skor’s handy work… Seriously been licking my screen ever since he did his first edit for me.  Speaking of:  Ending on an even more awesome note. The first photo of mine he took an edit to. Epic.





A friend of mine has a mission: Make Mizuki wear more colors.  It isn’t that I’m opposed to wearing colors. It’s more that I am fussy about them.  Each of my  characters has a set of colors that they would wear.  When I’m out of character it’s usually black.  Pale skin+Black=love.  Sooo out came the purple to prove that I could dip into colors.  He found me Mg’s Necklace/earrings in purple/colors. So I pulled out Kaithleen’s Floral mini dress. I love the color fades on this dress.I also pulled out my puppet poses. Adores being a broken doll in my free time.