Sitting Around


There was this joke I made the other day, about my character being the only one without a chair of her own.  Have no fear! Shade dropped me a link to an awesome chair.  Mega Master chair, as sat in above. . . is a great deal.  I got it on sale for 10L.  I’ve tried lots of the animations and they’re really good.  Today I’m spending time up on the roof top warming up to my new chair.


Fuck Off


Yesterday, I tossed together an outfit quickly because I noticed I spent about a day (or 3 RPs) in the same outfit.  That’s about my average. It might also be a great reason to go shopping.  I hit up Ison for the pants, Ison-spy pants.  Love them and plan to go back for more at a later date.  The top, Corvus f*Off Megan Pullover, was also a great buy.  I’m always a fan of ‘fuck off’.

Church Dinner


On my first day back from my vacations, yusha I went away on two back to back, I jumped back into some role play.  Today Mizuki went to the church with her friend Jeremiah (who she doesn’t remember) to have some food.  He was looking very lovely and so there was pictures taken.  When I was away he updated his look and rocks it pretty damn well (he had help from his beautiful wife, girls! we know where its at).

Looking Down


It’s enjoyable when I get the chance to come up with role play ideas that allow me to use things I’ve got from gachas, bought, or were gifted to me.  It’s a chance to creatively add to the story or plot.  In this case, Mizuki is looking down on the city she lives in with the wings she took off an angel and swords she got off a vampire.  She’s driven by the urge to collect things.  Which is a nice reason to pull out new items from my shopping trips.