Meat Doll


I have been in a mood lately.  A cross between disinterested and morbid.  These times my creations tend to get a bit odd.  The oddness ripples out.  Sometimes things stick, other times they fade into the darkness from which they came.  I’ve been pose shopping and picked up <K&S> Puppet poses.  I have to say I like the ones I got.  A huge fan of puppet themes.  I’ve RPed a few times on this table and figured making a meat puppet would amuse me for the evening. It worked.


Nightly Walks


I’ve gotten lots of miles out of .:AS:.’s Rose tattoo, from Fantasy Fair.   I never really played Tattoo Gachas, but this one swayed me and I have the feeling I’ll be considering playing them more often.  I always wear tattoos.  Spent 4 plus months looking for a replacement for my original tattoo.  The hunt is still on but it’s more fun now with the gacha door opened.  Mizuki back in her home city of CoLA doing her nightly walk around.  Razor/// outfit I had acquired from 100block is tonight’s choice.


Lil Demon


On the role play sim, CoLA, that I go to a bit I’m RPing a lil demon.  Like most of my characters I’ve RPed over the years, she follows the same themes.  Expect the unexpected.  If it can go wrong, well then it’s going right enough.  Those sort of things keep my role play interesting and why I keep coming back for more.  I’m rusty as all but it has been a good transition back so far.