Morning Casting


Hit up the gacha garden today.  Always enjoy my gacha addiction.  I think it’s my preferred way to get hair.  I made a second trip back for more from this hair, Ad’s Splash, and couldn’t be happier for that choice.  At first I wasn’t sure I would even use it in my role play (My  character doesn’t normally wear pig tails) but once I tried it on I haven’t taken it off since.  And I’ve gotten two role plays in so far.  The staff and ‘outfit’ is Astralia’s Wisdom angel.  I do so enjoy outfits that don’t cover much.  ::DB::’s daggers (from sun child silks) and the pose finish out the photo.



Gacha Girl


A visit to the Gacha Garden rewarded me with AvaWay tenderness necklace.  It’s now one of my favorites, if not favorite, to wear about.  Another gacha I couldn’t pass up was Ayashi’s hair, Nyoko.  I see them at any event and have to grab.  Super happy with this adorable hair.  comes with the option to hide or show ears.