Chapter Four


My friend, Sam, got a new shop.  I’m a fan of shop builds in SL.  This style of them.  So had to go about getting a playful snap of it.  I took a trip over to chapter four and played a few gachas.  Cause they’re so fun.  Imbue’s bell sleeve crop (velvet plum) was a good score.  I’m a huge fan of purple and the style is lovely.  Ison spy pants made another showing.  Still adore them.  Also at chapter four picked up Axoury’s ghostlike high heels.


Fuck Off


Yesterday, I tossed together an outfit quickly because I noticed I spent about a day (or 3 RPs) in the same outfit.  That’s about my average. It might also be a great reason to go shopping.  I hit up Ison for the pants, Ison-spy pants.  Love them and plan to go back for more at a later date.  The top, Corvus f*Off Megan Pullover, was also a great buy.  I’m always a fan of ‘fuck off’.