For some time I’ve searched for some armor for a  character of mine.  Just because armor can be pretty interesting to look at and wear around for fun.  I had just about given up on finding any armor that I liked when a friend shared with me a market place listing.  Less than five seconds later LAB737’s Nyota’s armor was mine.  Excited to get to prance about in my first set of armor. Even if I am a mage.





Here’s a memory that’s good times.  Nix, Tanith, and myself spending quality time doing: nothing.  Yes roof top time is very important for all the cool kids of the role play sim.  Or just when ya want to be left alone to hang with your friends.  Watch some role play down on the street while chatting it up in IMs. All sorts of things we’ve enjoyed.


Magiced Gothling



Old dusty shops are almost a fetish of mine.  When I see one I have to spend time in it and look at all the details.  In this one I took a Gothic look and got magiced away.  Wearing  AdN’s Dark princess.  At one point all I wore was AdN, so this brings back awesome memories.  One of the few, by few I mean maybe two, applier outfits I’ll wear.  That’s how much I enjoy AdN’s things.

Pink isn’t easy



Pink isn’t easy… A phrase I picked up from a friend years ago.  But so true.  I’m not a huge fan of pink.  In fact I try to avoid it at all costs.  Except it keeps showing up! Putting together a nice pink outfit isn’t easy.  It can go over the edge so easily. And quickly!  Pink and black are enjoyable for me so this outfit was created.  *Sweet kajira* Edea collection.  Gotta love me some gachas.  Yes, while playing I knew I was gonna be flooded with pink. Even the rare pink corset.




The newest thing to hit secondlife: Bento! I’ve heard so much about this and really it’s an interesting update to our world.  I don’t plan on updating to it just yet but!! I did end up with a rare gacha from [decoy].  Steampunk fae bento wings.  I think they’re totally awesome and a great addition to my collection of wings. They look fantastic and the movement is spot on.  This is my slow first steps into bento.


Tanith Bald



For today’s post I decided to go in honor of my good friend Tanith.  There comes times in role play when I am presented with something that is a bit beyond what is expected and out of the ordinary.  This happens every time I role play with Tanith.  The first phase is: Really!! How the hell am I gonna role play that?!  The time my  character lost an arm for a few weeks. Or lost her gender for a few more weeks.  The next phase is: oh…this isn’t so bad.  Followed shortly by wanting to keep the changes for a while… and repeat them with other characters.  This explained the unique outlook I have on bald now.  It’s not true Tanith bald, but I’m working up to that…

Pet Unicorn


I’ve been debating on things the last couple weeks and still haven’t come to a clear cut decision.  But at the end of the day gotta do what makes me happy and run with it.  After a rough couple of days I decided that I need a pick me up.  So enters: this post.  ICly I’ve played my character as wanting a pet unicorn.  My friend, Shade, happened to drop me a link to this guy (in the back ground).  I couldn’t pass up and now my character has ‘a pet unicorn’.   I tossed together this outfit, another headdress leading the way.

Senpai, notice me


Senpai! Senpai! Notice me. I picked up a school girl outfit to get some giggles out of things.  My character sorta being a ‘good’ student for her Senpai.  She’ll do anything for her Senpai and most the time do it with a creepy smile.  The thing people were most shocked about wasn’t how over the top school girl I went with her that day. Nope, it was how much  clothing Mizuki decided to put on.



A trip to Salem


Salem opened this week and so a trip had to be made… There was a few things I had my eyes set on so I braved the many crashes and lag to get to some awesome vendors.  Apple May Designs’ Paramour dress and neck corset set in a ghostly kitchen.  Fall has arrived! Spent half the day in this outfit in role play…It’s a nice addition to the magic theme of my character.

Brain Bugs


Sometimes… Ya just gotta have fun!! And these av’s were too  cute to pass up.  Friend and myself went about the city as brain bugs.  His RP was pretty epic from what I got pieces of… Getting shot up and oozing acid blood while feeding on metal.  Lesson learned, ya don’t always need some super serious reason to let loose, being creative, and having fun.