I <3 RP, returns!


Lurking in the tunnels for today’s photo.  Last night’s trip to I ❤ RP was a blast! One of my favorite events to go to and I’d suggest anyone make it a point to spend time there. Inspirations are alive and well there.  I’m starting to  come round to the idea of buying more poses.  I love taking photos so might as well widen my range.  Today’s pose is by an lar [Poses].  From the Odessa series. The Annex’s Wren Dres was something I debated on for a while.  I love hoods in any life but in SL I find them to be tricky sometimes.  This one is one of the more tricky ones but I’m already in love with it so it’s worth it.


Space and time


The first items I got from Ex Machina came from Epiphany.  Finding them to my liking I went to check out their in world store.  Amazing place with wonderful delights there.  As soon as I seen their Kopernikus Grand Orrery I knew I had to have it.  The outfit happens to be from the I ❤ RP event, Pixicat’s hunter pants and Azuchi+Vinyl’s Shirt and corset.