We are…



More gacha time.  Today it is Sweet thing’s Ballerina.  Something different than my normal style but playing dress up is part of the fun of Second Life.  Catwa hair and head to complete the sweet, passionate look.  Sometimes it’s fun to go out dance in a fantasy forest setting.


We <3 RP

One of my favorite events: We ❤ RP.  Each round is always interesting to see who shows up and what is created.  From there creating with their creations comes… At least for myself.  Spellbound appears again with much love, Lionhearted style today.  >Glyph< ‘s Sobhan outfit.  Me being the headdress queen (self appointed) had to pick up [NC]’s Falcon Headdress.





Belle Epoque’s Persian dancer I pulled out and started mixing and matching the different gacha colors I have collected up.  Pink isn’t easy.  I tend to always toss it with black because the chances of me liking it increase greatly. A huge fan of long hair and was excited to pick up a few from catwa.





Sakura Matsuri Trip

Sprung over to Sakura Matsuir.  The event held lots of little details that were charming and so tempting.  But this purple drew me in and went home with me.  Huge fan of purple, there can never be too much purple. I did have to do a bit of work fitting a TMP outfit to my M body… but purple is worth the effort and I love the look.





For some time I’ve searched for some armor for a  character of mine.  Just because armor can be pretty interesting to look at and wear around for fun.  I had just about given up on finding any armor that I liked when a friend shared with me a market place listing.  Less than five seconds later LAB737’s Nyota’s armor was mine.  Excited to get to prance about in my first set of armor. Even if I am a mage.


Keeping Warm



For some, the end of winter is in sight.  There is hope.  Maybe every so often there’s a warm day to enjoy. But then it never fails for winter to remind us all that it’s still a force.  Old man winter hasn’t gone to bed just yet.  So I’m keeping warm in Entice forever more (brown) outfit.  With Empire’s Aquilegia boots because… love empire.




It’s that wonderful time… to highlight Empire!! Yes they are an addiction of mine.  I see them at events and my first thought is: Must Have!!! Must have all… must collect.  The spider harness paired with Blarkini is a fun mix.  The color change hud makes all the difference and a major reason I love empire. Can match almost anything.  Clover heels to finish it off and I’m an empire girl!





By now most are ready for spring to arrive.  Some even counting down the days.  I took a few moments to get into the spirit of winter…since it’s here and not going anywhere anytime soon.  !gO! frostina’s dress is featured here with olive’s cosmic dust hair and dM’s Dunerr winter horns.  A festive way to keep spirits up in the dead of winter.


Severina AV build



Today is a special sort of post… I’ve revamped a character of mine and pieced together a new avatar.  Going through the details will be fun.   The shape is one I made myself, not shown in photos is that it is a -very- small shape.  I call her ‘travel size’. The skin is  from .:Soul:. and I have mixed reactions over some things.  Their price point is a bit higher but I had to have the skin once I demoed it.  They -also- have special edition collections that are amazing creations.

The rest of the look includes: LD Krampus tongue (purple), catway head (dyana), Doe Emerson hair, Swallow Gauged ears, DM Shaddaa dancer silks, and Fae Wings (bento).